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About Us

ACME Environmental Solutions is a Roatan-based environmental company that was constituted with a mission to safeguard our island environment. We serve all the water-related needs of our residential, commercial and municipal clients.

ACME began its operations in 2006 out of a concern for sanitation issues in our community and the impact of sewage on the island waters. Our initial efforts were focused on providing portable toilets and servicing septic system. Soon thereafter, we added a division focused on collecting, purifying and delivering potable drinking water on the island. In the years that followed we began designing, installing and operating commercial and municipal waste water and drinking water systems as well as complex irrigation systems. Our reputation for professionalism has opened our doors to more projects, expanding our operations to mainland Honduras in 2012. The importance of protecting and maintaining clean water for drinking by properly disposing of sewage and other wastes continues to be ACME’s primary focus.

Throughout the years, we have expanded our operations and offer the following services:

➢ Designing, installing and operating water harvesting, storage, purification and distribution systems. Maintaining a complete line of water purification systems and components.
➢ Designing, installing and operating sewage collection and treatment systems, water treatment plants. Maintaining a diverse line of leach field and treatment plant and laboratory equipment.
➢ Designing and installing drip irrigation and micro irrigation systems.
➢ Renting traditional portable toilets for construction sites as well as flushing units and hand washing stations for special events.
➢ Providing professional septic tank and leach field design, installation and service for business and residential customers.

ACME has rapidly gained a unique reputation for its willingness to take on challenging projects and providing innovative customer-focused solutions. Through dynamic management and an approach that focuses on creating value-based, long-term solutions, we have become the most stable and fastest growing company of our kind in the region. Our team is comprised of Honduran and foreign engineers working with experienced team members who together bring decades of practical problem-solving experience to the table – to service our clients and maintain the pristine island waters.


3Dan Taylor is President and General Manager of ACME Environmental Solutions. Dan founded the company bringing a great deal of engineering and development experience to the table. He has been responsible for the construction of a mix of residential, commercial and industrial developments and facilities around the world, including desalination plants, wastewater and solid waste facilities.

As an engineer who has worked in many parts of the world, in a wide range of situations, he spent much of his adult engineering life in Northeast Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Persian Gulf Region where he was responsible for myriad construction projects.  Dan says that what he most enjoys is problem-solving and presenting new solutions. Dan’s drive and vision have been the pulse of ACME Environmental Solutions since 2006, always acting as a catalyst to push this company forward. It is under Dan’s leadership that ACME continues to offer water purification, sewage and sanitation, irrigation, and municipal services.

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Tessa Ebanks joined the ACME Environmental Solutions Team in 2014. As the Business Manager at ACME, Tessa is likely to be the coordinator of services as she generally receives calls for ACME and coordinates all services. Tessa enjoys dealing with people and problem-solving and orchestrates the varied business elements of this diverse organization.

Tessa is responsible for overseeing and supervising the company’s activities and employees. Withing her range of duties, she also has to ensure that the company is on track to meet our financial duties.

4Marcia Bodden has been part of the ACME Environmental Solutions team since 2011.  Her job experience on mainland La Ceiba, Honduras has helped her take her first steps in her accounting experience, and thus becoming a key player in managing and entering all the data into our accounting program.  Marcia also participates in the purchasing department, creating great relationships with suppliers both nationally and internationally.

Marcia enjoys her time with her family and son and has prioritized this in her day to day activities.  Her friendly nature has always made it easy for all of our suppliers and clients to maintain a cordial relationship with ACME.

IMG_1481Samuel Rivera started working with ACME Environmental Solutions in 2008 as the Head Designer, Engineer and Project Supervisor. He holds a degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from UNITEC with specialization in water purification, sewage treatment and sanitation. Samuel likes to think of himself as the “get things done guy” as he delivers well-designed solutions to ACME clients.

Samuel’s vision is for ACME Environmental Solutions to become the most respected environmental company in the Bay Islands.  He really enjoys facing new problems, working to design a solution and putting the ACME team into action to implement the best solution for the client.  His hobbies include diving, watching old western movies and following World Rally Championships.




    Freddy Ramos – Service Operator for Pumper Truck

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