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irriga-The biggest issue for many large users of ACME Sewage Treatment Systems is to find the safest and best use of the treated water from their sanitary sewage treatment plants. ACME brings the best technology to the island, innovating irrigation systems with Netafim products, the world´s most advanced continuous self-cleaning dripper line designed for wastewater. ACME engineers propose irrigation systems for home gardens or for larger landscaping applications.
ACME designs and installs irrigation systems to make the best use of this nutrient rich resource. Continuously improving our smart drip and micro-irrigation offerings,
ACME engineers are able to offer the design and installation of water filtration systems, as well as water distribution systems.
Our goal is to allow for sustainable landscaping in even the most water-challenged environments. We are able to find answers for our customers who wish to use less water, fewer chemicals, and less energy in their gardens or in larger landscaping applications.


Water Harvesting Systems collect water from a roof piped to a storage tank where it is then used either inside or outside a home of business. ACME encourages water harvesting taking into account that Roatán’s average annual rainfall is 100 inches, harvesting this free water proves to be advantageous. Basically, it can ensure an independent water supply during water restrictions

ACME can provide a proper design as well as build so that the collection efficiency of your home or business is the best. Designs range from very basic to extensive cisterns systems that can provide a substantial amount of water for multiple usages. ACME will work all numbers so you can get the highest harvesting potential to meet your needs.

You got a cistern at home but it has leaks?
ACME can solve your cisterns problems by installing liners that help protect your tank and create a safe area for storage. Liners are advantageous in terms of cost, they are light weight and flexible to adjust to piping or fittings. Call or email us for more information.

Need cleaning of your cistern?
ACME will clean, disinfect and inspect your cistern from sediments and debris from all surfaces. Call or email us for more information.