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FebIn this day and age, technology can be applied to everything that surrounds us, making life easier.  In this article, we will introduce handy tools that help unclog drains or leach fields that are filled with debris such as tree roots, hair, grease and excessive amount of toilet paper which create backups.  This is an annoying task that no one wants to deal with but there is new equipment that helps out with these nasty ordeals. The roots of plants are drawn to water as they grow.  If there are leaks in our sewer pipes, tree roots find their way into the pipes and obstruct the flow of waste.  Then grease and hair are trapped by the roots which eventually block the pipe.  This trapped material and the roots have to be cut up and removed to restore the flows. Leach fields are more susceptible because they are intentionally designed with perforations and they might end up attracting roots.  The most common way of clearing these blockages and restoring the flows of waste is by using a rotating flexible metal cable called a drain snake.  Some people will try to use wire that often damages the pipes themselves.

The drain snake is inserted into the drain pipe where the clog is occurring and is then maneuvered until it reaches the blockage. There are a few different types of drain snakes; there are the standard hand-held drain snakes that are turned by hand and can be successfully used in household plumbing.  For larger pipes or longer distances, powered drainpipe cleaning machines are required.  These machines use the mechanical force of an electric motor to twist a long, flexible metal cable through the clogged pipe.  These electric drain snakes or Roto-rooters are inserted into drains and pushed to the point of the clog.  Then the motor is turned on so the cutter head (auger) can cut up and dislodge the items blocking the flow by cutting and pushing on the debris until the drain is cleared. The cables can be up to an amazing 80 meters long.

There are also flexible cables that don’t rotate that have cameras on the end of them that can be inserted into the pipe soFeb-2 the operator can see where and what the blockage is. ACME Environmental Solutions has added to its product line the Spartan Drain Machine and so far, we have successfully helped out various households with drain blockages.

Preventive actions can be taken to avoid these blockages.  Users need to be informed that household substances such as grease and oil, disposable diapers, wipes, and other sanitary products need to be disposed in the garbage, and not into sewer lines.  Wiping hair out of the sink instead of washing it down the drain will also help.    Caustic drain cleaners should be avoided as they can damage plastic plumbing and kill the valuable bacteria in the septic system.  These small actions will help keep the sewer lines clear.


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