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Sewage Sanitation Portfolio

Sunset Villas

Sunset Villas is a beautiful community in West End that is modernizing the way they deal with their water and sewage. They are currently undergoing a very important process to install all new gravity sewers and connecting their buildings to the West End sewer system and treatment plant.

This solution was designed and installed by ACME, and it gives them the benefit of doing away with their old septic tanks and leach fields. This new sewer connections are creating a more pleasant and safe environment for Sunset Villas and its surroundings!

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Barefoot Cay Annual Sewage System Sludge and Scum Cleaning


ACME visited Barefoot Cay on Sunday, April 14th, 2013 to assess an issue with foul odors coming out of DELTA tank #2 that services the restaurant kitchen, public bathrooms and staff bathrooms and showers.

Location: Brick Bay, Roatan

Client: Barefoot Cay

Contractor: Junior Torres

Conditions: Annual cleaning of Delta Whitewater Systems (5 Delta Whitewater DF-60s and 1 Delta Whitewater DF-150)

Equipment used:  Sludge Judge, Ford  F-650 (1,600 gallons)

Installation of Septic System and Leach Field on School Building

Location:  Sandy Bay, Roatan

Client:  Sandy Bay School

System Designed:  Septic System and Gravel Leach Field

Contractor:  ICCD

Conditions:  A septic system that would manage a high volume of flows considered for a school building and would not require electricity usage.



Installation of Septic System with a Gravel-less Leach Field for private residence

Location: Coxen Hole, Roatan

Client: Edith Vasquez

System designed: Septic Tank and Gravel-less Leach Field for a 2-apartment building plus a 2-bedroom house

Conditions: A low percolation rate in a limited space assigned for leach field

Type of System:  1 Infiltrator IM-1060 septic tanks and 60 Infiltrator chambers utilized for the leach field

Hydraulic Load:  300 gallons per day

Caribbean Breeze Sewage Treatment Process with Leach Field

Location: West Bay, Roatan

Client:  Edward Du Monceaux- Caribbean Breeza Villas

System designed: 3 Stage Sewage Treatment Process with Aerobic Treatment Units and a Gravel-less Leach Field

Conditions: Sewage System for a Condominium building with 14 rooms with 4 existing underground concrete tanks

Type of System:  6 Pirana Aerobic Treatment Units with air pumps, supply lines, electric panels and vents. BioMicrobics Sym/Tech filter.  200 INFILTRATOR Chambers and Endcaps.

Hydraulic Load:  4,800 of effluent per day