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ACME Environmental Solutions participates in build for Trujillo Cruise Ship Dock

Trujillo, Central America’s oldest port, became the first cruise ship destination on the Honduran mainland with the completion of the Banana Coast cruise ship dock in April. Much of the construction was done by Roatan-based companies. Island Concrete Construction & Development (ICCD) won a $2.4 million contract to build three of the five segments of the cruise ship facility in late 2011. “This is the first time, to my knowledge, that a company from the island has undertaken a substantial contract on the mainland,” said Edward Ake of Island Concrete. “Our big selling point was the fact that we’re used to difficult logistics. Working on the island is very similar to working in Trujillo.”
ICCD subcontracted two other Roatan firms, ACME Environmental Solutions and Green Hill Energy Solutions, to do the wastewater, storm drainage and electrical work, Ake said about a dozen Roatan-based technicians and managers from the three firms took part in the project. Island Concrete also used a Roatan carpenter, Jorge Bustillo, and about eight of his crew on the project. But most of the labor came from Trujillo.
“We used as much labor from there as we could,” said Ake. “That’s something that people don’t do here that they should do. They bring everybody with them and all their equipment. And the local companies that are here paying their taxes don’t get a chance to work on their project.”
Despite the challenges presented by working on the mainland for island firms, Ake said he was not deterred from seeking future mainland contracts.
“We learned a lot during the experience,” said Ake. “We’re now open to actively looking for work over there.”

Barefoot Cay Annual Sewage System Sludge and Scum Cleaning


ACME visited Barefoot Cay on Sunday, April 14th, 2013 to assess an issue with foul odors coming out of DELTA tank #2 that services the restaurant kitchen, public bathrooms and staff bathrooms and showers.

Location: Brick Bay, Roatan

Client: Barefoot Cay

Contractor: Junior Torres

Conditions: Annual cleaning of Delta Whitewater Systems (5 Delta Whitewater DF-60s and 1 Delta Whitewater DF-150)

Equipment used:  Sludge Judge, Ford  F-650 (1,600 gallons)

Installation of Septic System and Leach Field on School Building

Location:  Sandy Bay, Roatan

Client:  Sandy Bay School

System Designed:  Septic System and Gravel Leach Field

Contractor:  ICCD

Conditions:  A septic system that would manage a high volume of flows considered for a school building and would not require electricity usage.



Installation of Septic System with a Gravel-less Leach Field for private residence

Location: Coxen Hole, Roatan

Client: Edith Vasquez

System designed: Septic Tank and Gravel-less Leach Field for a 2-apartment building plus a 2-bedroom house

Conditions: A low percolation rate in a limited space assigned for leach field

Type of System:  1 Infiltrator IM-1060 septic tanks and 60 Infiltrator chambers utilized for the leach field

Hydraulic Load:  300 gallons per day

Water Purification Systems: An Alternative Of Much Importance

MayIt is an obvious fact: there is no life without water.  Water is a major part of all our daily life, drinking a glass of water, taking a shower, cooking, washing clothes – you name it.  Water is a necessity!  Unfortunately, our main water sources have been affected with contamination that not only degrades our rivers and oceans but also affects our groundwater.  The water on Roatan is no exception.  Why does this happen? Runoff from construction sites, inadequate sewage treatment in many communities, livestock feeding areas, garbage areas; all of these cause the healthy groundwater to be contaminated by human or animal waste.  The presence of fecal matter (coliforms or streptococcus) in the water can cause many problems such as diarrhea, nausea, headaches as well as skin and eye problems.  In addition to these organic contaminants other minerals present in our water that affect its quality are iron, manganese, chlorides (salts) and hydrogen sulfide.

Before we talk about cleaning our water the first step is to analyze our water chemically and microbiologically to confirm the water’s quality.  This will have a cost but it would give you a description of what affects your water and guide you on how to treat it. Water treatment is the process of removing undesirable chemicals (nitrates and salts), biological materials (parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses and fungi), suspended solids (sand and clay), and gases that can be harmful.

Some of the most common methods for treating water include filtration and disinfection.  Filtration is used to remove particles from the water as the water passes through a filter.  Sediment filters are used to remove sand, clay and impurities from the water.  Carbon filters are used to reduce chemical quantities, poor taste, odors (chlorine smell) and other pollutants. Reverse osmosis is highly effective in removing several impurities from water such as dissolved solids, turbidity, chlorine and salts as well as many dissolved organics and even bacteria.

Disinfection is the process of killing germs, virus or bacteria in the water that can cause diseases. Chlorine disinfection is very effective at killing the bacteria that it contacts.  The disadvantage is the smell when used too much.  Ozone disinfection prevents regrowth of bacteria in water that is being stored in large quantities.  Ultraviolet disinfection sterilizes microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses that may be present in the water.

Because each of the filtering and disinfection processes has a specific function, a series of technologies are often used to provide the desired end result which is purified water. Systems can be as small as a faucet-mounted model, which filters water from one source only, or whole-house systems that filter the entire water supply of your home. ACME Environmental Solutions, the leader in purification systems on Roatan, has been successfully installing integrated water purification systems that deliver 100% pure drinking water.  Considering all the various elements that could be affecting your water, the best option is to analyze your water and know what are the eminent problems and then have ACME engineers design and install a treatment system that meets your exact needs.