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Carnival Contract Signing


Jose Negron of Carnival Corporation and Dan Taylor of ACME Environmental Solutions signed a one year contract for ACME to continue serving as the water and sewage operating consultants for all of the Carnival Cruise port operations on the island of Roatán.  Taylor said, “ACME is proud that a company as prestigious and professional as Carnival trusts the health of their passengers to our company.  They set real high standards which keeps us on our toes.”  ACME technicians operate the sewage treatment plants to ensure that the ocean around the port facilities is safe for marine life in the area.  They also manage the drinking water operations to ensure that the water used by the passengers or by the businesses serving food and drinks to passengers is potable and safe.

Metrotel Express


Green Sand Filter Installation

Location:  San Pedro Sula

Client: Metrotel Express





Sunset Villas

Sunset Villas is a beautiful community in West End that is modernizing the way they deal with their water and sewage. They are currently undergoing a very important process to install all new gravity sewers and connecting their buildings to the West End sewer system and treatment plant.

This solution was designed and installed by ACME, and it gives them the benefit of doing away with their old septic tanks and leach fields. This new sewer connections are creating a more pleasant and safe environment for Sunset Villas and its surroundings!

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New Country, New Pipes, Old Problems | Cleaner Magazine | For Drain and Pipe Cleaning, Inspection and Rehabilitation Services


ACME provides a wide variety of services that are rarely, if ever, provided by one company.  It is not unusual to have one company clean toilets and septic systems but it is quite unusual to have one company clean toilets, design, build and service septic systems and systems with aerobic treatment units, design, build and operate waste water treatment plants as well as design, build and operate drinking water systems and plants.  This is unusual enough to warrant some attention from the publishers of the international trade journals for our profession.  The editor of “Cleaner” magazine recently sent a journalist to the island to get more information about the company.  Here is an article about ACME that just came out in the April 2014 issue of “Cleaner” magazine. Check out the article below→ 

New Country, New Pipes, Old Problems | Cleaner Magazine | For Drain and Pipe Cleaning, Inspection and Rehabilitation Services.

Colonia Santamaria Is A Go!

Final pic

The Municipality of Roatán gave ACME Environmental Solutions the notice to proceed on the first two phases of a six phase project to install a sewer system in the Roatán community of Santa Maria, up the hill from the Mahogany Bay Cruise Center.  Work began on Monday August 12th on the effort to install a collection system to each of the 128 lots in the community.  This system will take the waste from each home to a state-of-the-art waste water treatment plant.  According to ACME Engineer Samuel Rivera, the design for the collection system was a challenge because of the hilly nature of the community and the desire to design a system that had no pumps.  “A gravity only system is much less expensive to operate in the long run” said Rivera.  Another task in this phase is the construction of a round trickling filter treatment tank for a system that will ultimately treat up to 40,000 gallons of waste per day.  This initial effort will employ about 12 men from the local community for much of the 90 day duration of the project.  The excavation of the trenches and construction of the first round concrete tank will be performed by another Roatán company, Island Concrete.